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    The Many Advantages That Are Associated With Freelance Book Design Jobs

    The way we are hardwired, we end up getting impressed by what we see. Everyone has been asked to “not judge a book by its cover”, which points to the fact that everyone does. All design work, by being a creative output has more passion and fire in it than other work areas. Taking up freelancing book design jobs can be an exhilarating experience, not to mention the increase in your bank balance. In case you missed it, here are a few advantages that make freelance book design jobs a great move.

    Experience the thrill of seeing your creation in a bookstore on in an online store

    In association with the right title, imprint and author, your design can help push sales higher. Imagine walking into a bookstore and finding your creation on the stands. Or think of the joy that you will experience when a pop up appears on your screen with a book carrying the cover that you designed. Truly, the hard work that you put into designing is worth the satisfaction. Delve into the book, the theme it portrays and design a cover that will blend with the title to present a killer combination.

    Working from the creative spot you love

    While offices do offer conducive environments for working, creativity demands a lot more than just a cubicle, or a noise proof setup. Your terrace may be the spot where our creative juices start flowing, or it could be your outdoor decking area. These privileges are not available in an office set up, unless of course your management offers you a very liberal work from home opportunity.  So, go ahead turn your bedroom desk into your creative hub and crank out designs that will attract with magnetic charm. Many designers often find that they work best during a particular time, which could be early in the mornings, when a spark of creativity inspires them. Freelancers get to harness their creativity better.

    Easier time management

    Managing time is one of the most difficult tasks for most office goers. Family and social commitments may encroach upon work requirements and vice versa. A freelancer gets a better control over time. By knowing the projects on hand, it is easy to manage other requirements around them. The choice of turning down an assignment is the best part of freelancing. Unlike an office atmosphere, where your NO can sometimes lead to adverse performance reviews, freelancers get the luxury of choosing what to do and what not to do.



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    Freelance Web Design Work From Home Jobs – The Solution To Your Financial Worries

    Spiraling costs have now been acknowledged as a part of our lives. Let us accept one fact of live, costs are not expected to come down. Freelance work can be a great way to cushion economic blows and lead a financial sound life. If you possess web design skills, and are interested to take up freelance assignments, then it really could be the best way to buffer yourself from regular financial woes. Here is a lowdown on how your needs can be met from the comfort of your home.

    Pick the right clients and increase earnings manifold

    With the right skills and a proper pitching of your services, it is possible to get the best clients. Rather than sticking to many clients who pay poorly, it is always a better deal to stick to a handful of clients who pay handsomely.  It frees up your time and improves the quality of your output.  With a salary, everything needs to fit into the budget or you will end up taking out a loan which will only add to burdens. With a freelancing job, you can scale up your income, by taking a couple of more tasks and stay on top of monthly bills.

    Take advance payments for tasks

    By taking advance payments, you stand on high ground. Out of the many reasons, some reasons that you ought to know about the need for advance payments are :

    • Your time does not remain uncompensated if the client is unable to pay at the end of the project
    • You do not have to invest your money into inputs, such as paid graphics etc.
    • You are assured of the client’s credibility
    • You have liquidity at all times

    Transform your vacations from shoestring to liberal budgets

    Vacations are quality time that you spend with your family. The feeling is priceless. When there can be price tag affixed, then you really need to be as liberal with the amount of money that you spend on vacations. With the additional income as a freelancer, it is possible to open up your purse to buy those mementoes your family has always wanted, or maybe get on that boat that was beyond your budget the last time you were on vacation.

    Web designers can earn handsomely and blow away financial problems, by taking up freelancing tasks. With a very heavy requirement of web designers, it is only a question of looking into the right places and putting in the right effort to execute assignmen

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    Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs – Where To Find And How To Win Them

    Digital marketing has given a new shape to marketing with analysis, trends, influencing, optimization etc. As businesses increasingly rely on digital marketing to stay on top of their competitors, it is quite evident that individuals with expertise in digital marketing are in great demand. However, for a freelancer with digital marketing skills, locating the right site and bagging the best projects can sometimes be a challenge that will prevent them from succeeding. The following tips will help a freelancer in finding the best digital marketing jobs 

    Register with sites where competition is lower 

    You need to accept the fact as a digital marketer that only the best make it to the top of searches. Much like SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), most clients who look for freelancers will make their decisions quickly and go with freelancers who have many endorsements. It is only when a client needs to look at cheaper options do they wade through the other profiles. Therefore registering with a site where a lesser number of freelancers have registered is a good way to bag orders quickly. 

    Explain digital strategy in a manner that is appealing 

    Digital marketing involves a strategy, and every client who uses the service of a freelance expert will quite naturally want to hear or see a good strategy. Ensure you have a strategy that should not only be good, but also appear to be good. Be ready to back up your proposition with case studies or examples to prove a point. 

    Register with forums 

    Register with forums where discussions are held on topics pertaining to digital marketing. Share views and comment on articles. This will lend respectability and earn you the reputation as an expert. If you have a website or a WordPress blog, link it to your profile in the forum and with freelance task aggregators. Ensure that your profile is distinct and refreshing, different from what is commonly posted by other freelancers. 

    Often, the very sight of low pricing and numerous bids may act like a dampener to your enthusiasm. Competition will drive prices down, but not all clients go exclusively by pricing. There are many clients who look for quality. Therefore, make the right pitch with emphasis on the quality of the service offered. With the right presentation without having to price your service cheap, it is possible to bag the right number of good orders.

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    Freelance Article Writing Jobs – Little Known Secrets To Win The Bidding For Assignments

    A freelance writer needs to impress readers right through the article, from the way the article opens till the final wrap up. Bidding for projects calls for unique presentation skills that need to be honed till the perfect strike rate is achieved. A writer is assessed by his/her writing skills and the ways of execution of the project. A poor bid by a good writer will meet the same fate as a good bid by a poor writer – rejection.  Unveiled here are a few secrets to help you bag more writing assignments.

    Pack your intro with a punch

    The introduction should be crisp and drafted to leave an impact. Never overdo the introduction, and strike a balance between creativity and professionalism. The introduction should trigger the reader’s interest to read the rest of the text. Essentially, there needs to be a ‘wow’ effect in what you write.  With probably hundreds of bids, your chances of bagging an order rests entirely on how you catch the eye of the screening members.

    Never be the most familiar name on the bidding circuit

    This works against you in two ways. One, you would increasingly appear as one who is a bit desperate, and hence you would have to face a hard price negotiation.  Two, if you happen to land all orders, you will end up completing none of the projects, and lose all clients either simultaneously or sequentially.

    Follow the template but do not imitate, be generous with samples

    While it is important that a template or a kind of format is followed during the bidding, it is important to not be exactly the same as others. Follow the template embrace changes in presentation to show difference. Samples are calling cards, that draw attention, therefore be generous with your samples, ideally three to four would suffice. Make the samples as diverse as possible, to show different writing styles and length of articles.

    Individuals passionate about writing can earn a decent package while enjoying their passion. Be versatile and ready to explore different domains. Probably the single biggest contributor to better writing would be the amount of time that one spends on reading. Reading opens up perspectives and introduces wordplay concepts which can be put to good use.

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    4 Ways Of Finding Ideal Freelance Jobs For Graphic Designers

    Graphic designing has improved to standards where future computing and devices are designed considering the requirements of graphics heavy content.  Graphics being the visual interface of all content, designers are much sought after for the creativity they bring to the table. With many graphic designers pitching in their portfolios and registering in freelance sites, it may appear as a difficult task to cut through the layers and bag an order. However, with the right approach it is possible to get the right number of assignments, and here are four ways to do it.

    Register at websites that bring clients and freelancers together on a user friendly and reliable platform

    You could start off with registering at the websites where clients and freelancers are brought together on a platform that is easy to use and reliable. To begin with, you need to improve your chances of being noticed. And it would be difficult to accomplish that when you happen to be one out of say thousands of freelancers. Look for new sites with strong reputation.

    Create a strong portfolio of your designs

    Presentation is king. Before you even venture into freelancing as a graphics designer, ensure that you have an updated and classy portfolio ready that you can share with prospective clients when sought. Never delay the furnishing of a portfolio, and make it as diverse as possible. Let the portfolio showcase diversity in your creativity.

    Promotion and social networking

    It would appear unprofessional if you did not make your presence known in the digital spectrum. Therefore, get active on social media and share expert opinion on forums. Make yourself known to stakeholders, it counts a lot. Freelancers are known to bag a lot of orders by earning a reputation of having sound knowledge by sharing views on social media.

    Maintain a record of endorsements

    Endorsements carry a lot of value in the digital world. Ensure that after all completed tasks, you seek and receive an endorsement from clients. Maintain a record of those endorsements and list out the best among them. Furnish the remaining endorsements along with the portfolio when your discussions move into the next level.

    Graphic designers have lent shape and color to brands and their online presence. You could very well turn out to be one of the most sought after designers, if you position yourself better, and deliver stunning designs to vividly match the client’s requirements.

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    4 Best Freelance Jobs To Look Out For In 2017

    Freelancing as a regular source of income has been increasingly accepted globally, with more and more talent looking at freelance tasks. The earlier misconceptions about freelancing have given way to new optimism and acceptance. With the internet bringing in sweeping changes in the way business is conducted, it is easy to benchmark quality of tasks and agree on deliverables. If you’re looking at freelancing as a regular source of income, then you can count yourself doubly lucky if your expertise is one among the four featured below, which are the most sought after skills in 2017.

    JavaScript developers – incredibly expanding requirements

    Businesses now hinge on how well you are presented on the net. This is the norm barring a few exceptions. With a requirement for a strong digital presence, the requirement for web developers has seen an explosion in terms of growth. If you are a web developer, then you are one of the most fortunate in the freelance market. Pitch in with a strong introduction, and get on the right forums, you will find that there’s a lot of work waiting to be hooked.

    Content marketing – driving businesses

    Business is all about brand building. With a strong brand image, businesses conquer markets and territories. Building brands involves the use of creative content related to the brand, the service, and, positioning it to increase visibility and footfalls (clicks) to businesses. If you possess any of the diverse content marketing skills to help businesses establish a strong presence, then you are among the most wanted freelancers in the industry.

    Virtual assistants – increasing global demand

    As small enterprises seek to cut expenses without compromising on quality of output, the demand for virtual assistants is on a steady growth. If you have reasonable experience in professional, administrative, technical, creative and legal work, then you can easily find an employer. Many companies or senior level executives rely on the expertise of virtual assistants to get on with their routine tasks, which in turn frees up a lot of quality time for them to focus on their core tasks.

    UX experts – much sought after

    Related to digital presence, UX is all about enhancing and improving a visitor’s experience at a company website. In high demand for novel solutions and amazing enhancements in the websites, UX experts can transform the mundane into extraordinary. If you possess requisite skills as an UX developer, you have just joined the league of freelancers who are in great demand.

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    Key Skills Branch Managers Should Possess

    A branch manager epitomizes the company or institution he represents. He is the one with his hands on the pulse of the business. The nature of the job is demanding, and requires higher levels of professionalism. There are some key skills that branch managers need to possess, in order to be successful. Some of them are illustrated below

    1. Leadership skills


    This is a key requirement for a branch manager in any setup. This is because the branch manager is in charge of an entire branch. The branch manager should be a natural leader and lead employees efficiently. The instructions from higher hierarchy needs to be followed meticulously. All operational services in the branch are to be directed in accordance with the company’s objectives. The manager should be able to assess current market scenario and improve business opportunities.

    1. Teamwork


    The branch manager has to coordinate with fellow staff and work as a team to produce optimal work. He/she has to provide training, coaching for the entire team and carry out the functions of the company effectively. Branch managers need to adhere to high ethical standards and instill the same in teammates.

    1. Expertise in field of work


    One cannot be a good leader unless he knows his job well. A branch manager can lead and train fellow employees only when he has a firm expertise on the subject to be dealt. He needs to give clear instructions based on his professional knowledge. He must be able to locate areas of improvement and perform corrective measures to rectify them.

    1. Good communication skills


    As a branch head, a good team can be productive only with good communication skills. Firstly, he has to communicate clearly the instructions that comply with the company’s objectives. Then he has to motivate the employees to work progressively.

    1. Experience


    In the daily job arena, one will have to face various challenges and difficulties to overcome on a daily basis. To deal with this, a leader with sufficient experience in the field becomes a necessity. The previous experience of the branch manager will help him troubleshoot any difficulty that they encounter and also help his colleagues.

    branch manager undoubtedly holds the most responsible position in a branch. He is answerable on behalf of all the employees in it. The manager must have a good network to improve the presence and reputation of the company and its branch. So a highly 

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    The Essential Skills of a Great HR Manager

    Human resource managers play a multi-faceted of roles in a company. They direct and coordinate the staff of a company and are involved in various aspects of planning. They are responsible for hiring new employees; they supervise employee evaluation and basically plan the entire personnel department. There are some essential skills necessary for a great HR manager



    An HR manager needs to approach every task in an orderly manner. They should have good time management skills, and very strong personal efficiency.


    A major focus for HR professionals would be searching for and hiring new talent suitable for the company. Since the company’s efficiency depends on its employees, this role of HR is very important in the progress of the company. They should be good at persuading employees and have stable decision making skills. The HR manager needs to be able to train other managers in the hiring process.



    An HR manager will have to face many grey areas in the job. He will have to sort it out in the most diplomatic way possible. He should be good at negotiation in such a way that all parties holding differing opinions are pleased with the outcome of negotiation or discussion.



    A good HR manager must have top-notch communication skills as he has to deal with higher officials and employees on a daily basis.

    Successful businesses thrive on a good employee-employee relationship and other colleagues. The HR manager has to keep a close watch of any impending problem and solve it right at the root.



    An HR manager has to often juggle between various jobs in a single given day. He might have to sort out an employee’s dispute, sanction leave, and manage higher officials, sometimes all at the same time. They are always challenged with an overlap of tasks.
    Employee evaluation


    The HR manager has to develop a meaningful performance evaluation process. It definitely requires a lot of time, observation and innovative ideas. The manager has to keep the objectives of the company in mind when conversing with the employees to deduce favorable outcomes for the company’s benefit.

    An HR manager has to be a multi tasking, friendly person who can execute the job in the most efficient way possible. It is a very challenging and a vital role in the company and demands great skill to sustain.

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    How to Find Potential Employees for Your Business

    Finding the most suitable employee for your business is crucial to growth and achieving business objectives. The era of the internet and online job searches notwithstanding, it is sometimes a challenge to recruit the right employee. Here’s a look at some of the recruitment channels, including the new advanced online searches. 

    1. Traditional way


    The “wanted” column in the news tabloids are a throwback to the past. They were the only source for employers and aspirants in the not too distant past. While it still remains a choice today, many employers and aspirants have shifted to a digital way of networking, outdating it.

    1. Job fairs


    This is also another traditional way of finding the right employee. The advantage lies in the fact that employers get to meet aspirants in person and quickly hire candidates. It is most suitable for en masse recruitment drives.

    1. Referrals and recommendations


    This is a more reliable way of hiring employees as they are referred by known people. Some candidates recommended by business partners or friends may be a good way to find the right employee.

    1. Hunting for passive candidates


    Passive candidates possessing the right skills set but not actively looking for jobs are targeted by recruiters. This is through a combination of social media and head hunting initiatives.

    1. Online job portals:


    This is by far the best way to hire talent in an efficient manner. Online portals are efficient channels for recruitment. They offer and source talents categorized in every field. This creates a focused search and gives the closest results. The candidates are screened through various filters. This saves your time looking at endless resumes. The employer can filter candidates according to required location, pay scale, field of requirement. One is sure to find an employee due to the focused search criteria.  
    The employer just has to post their requirements on the online portal and wait for potential candidates to apply. The employer can then choose the perfect employee for their business. The online portal will simplify your job of background checking. They also verify credentials so that you can easily select the employee and start working.

    When looking for an employee, it is necessary to look for many qualities in a candidate. They need to have a good grasp of the position they are filling. Additionally, they need to display ethics, experience, dependability and skills.

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    The Do’s And Don’ts Of Finding Jobs Online

    Finding the most appropriate job online calls for a few deft maneuvers in cyberspace.  It is all about narrowing down the search to the best job, apart from registering at the right portal. Not getting swindled will rank as one of the most important precautions during the search for jobs. The following do’s and don’ts will help you emerge successful during a search online for jobs.

    Tip 1 – Match your resume with your LinkedIn profile


    Whether you like it or not, employers are going to look at your public profile on LinkedIn. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to ensure that the resume you post on online job portals match your profile available in LinkedIn.  Quickly update and incorporate changes in LinkedIn so that it matches your resume. This will help employers to quickly assess your resume.

    Tip No.2 – Seal the deal by being ATS friendly


    Resumes posted online will invariably be filtered through an Applicant Tracking System before they reach recruiters. For this to happen, the resume needs to be ATS friendly. In other words, it should be simple enough for the ATS to be able to parse it easily. This will also ensure that it will get through the first round of screening successfully.

    Tip No.3 – Match your skills with the job requirements


    Understand the job description thoroughly. Map your skills to showcase them in precisely the order the company desires. Show that you are aligned with the requirements. Do not furnish incorrect information in an attempt to mirror the requirements. If your skills match the requirements, explain them convincingly. This will ensure that the company gets impressed by your capabilities.

    Tip No.4 – Look for active jobs, and not positions that have been lying vacant for far too long


    Some positions may have been lying vacant for far too long. This could mean that the company is too rigid looking for a fit that is tailormade for that position. If the company is too rigid, you may not find the going easy, even if you manage to land the job. Therefore, the better option would be to look for active jobs, i.e. freshly updated jobs. That is, unless you feel that giving a passive or old vacancy a try is a good option.

    With many job offers online, it all boils down to trying for the right job. The right company, the right job, through the right portal will secure your future better.

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    Chief Operating Officer – The Pivotal Role They Play

    Credited with the routine operations of companies, a Chief Operating Officer plays a pivotal role, reporting directly to the CEO. The COO discharges responsibilities that are sometimes flexible to meet the distinct work style of the CEO. This post is vital to the health of a company, a cog in the wheel that cannot be removed. Read on to understand the importance of a COO in organizations.

    Part of top tier hierarchy planning and implement strategies


    A Chief Operating Officer in an organization is part of the top tier management that plans and implements strategies. The vision and mission of the company is taken forward through operational plans and business strategies. The COO is different from the others devising strategies. That is, not only does the COO formulate plans, the COO implements the plans.  The plans that are drawn in boardrooms reflect directly and indirectly in the functioning of each employee of the company.

    Exercising control over various arms of the entity


    Chief Operating Officer exercises direct control over various arms of the entity. Overall control of the day to day operations of the company places responsibilities matched by power vested in the designation. Wielding considerable influence due to the nature of the job and the responsibility, the COO has a direct hands on approach over various wings of the company.

    Motivating employees to function better


    The COO has an underlying responsibility to motivate all employees into discharging their duties better. The collective performance of a company is definitely a reflection of the capabilities of the COO. This, by itself is an indication of the overall importance of the role of the COO.

     Submission of reports to CEO on all aspects


    The CEO stays informed of the various aspects of the company through the reports submitted by the COO. The detailed reports give deep insights into the functioning and the efficacy of various policies and plans. This helps the company to modify or continue effective policies. The reports help in ascertaining the path of the company and alignment with objectives.

    Overall, the role of a COO is very crucial to a company. Donning the hat of a strategist while overseeing routine operations, the COO is the bridge between operations and the boardroom.  Virtually all sections report to the COO, who is the de facto second in command in the hierarchy. This, in addition to maintaining a business relationship with external agencies who work with the company.

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    3 Tips on Find Jobs Effectively Using Online Job Portal

    Owing to the number of vacancies, and the number of prospective candidates, getting the right fit has become tougher.  With job searches shifting to the net, it is now a question of getting it right. This applies for both the employer and the job seeker. Smart use of technology and portals can land a job or get the right candidate. The following tips will help navigate the maze of job searches, for candidates as well as employers.

    Tip No.1 – Candidates need to take advantage of resume parser software used by portals

    Online job portals utilize resume parser software to extract data from resumes. The extracted data then goes into respective fields in the database. A shrewd job seeker needs to ensure that the terms used in the resume match as many keywords as possible. This will ensure that prospective employers get the candidate’s resume during a search. More often than not, deserving candidates may end up not getting shortlisted due to inappropriate usage of terms. It is best to get the resumes updated to match the digital requirements.

    Tip No.2 – Employers need to furnish as much information as possible about the company

    Candidates looking for jobs, always desire to know more about the company they may eventually join. Therefore, hiding behind a vague description does not really help. While it is essential at times, from a business perspective, to withhold company information, a close description is essential. A general profile of the company will help candidates assess their prospects better. It is necessary that sufficient information is provided, or candidates may look for other prospects.

    Tip No.3 – Look for websites that update their listings frequently

    Online portals that update their listings frequently are a better choice, for employers and candidates. Some portals may advertise job listings that are not active. This is a reflection of the poor standards of the portal. Such portals are to be shunned. A good online job portal would update the listings and only display active vacancies. This will prevent candidates from wasting their time trying to secure a job for a closed position. 

    Online job portals can be a real boon for employers and candidates alike. The devil is in the professionalism of the portal and the services offered. A professionally managed portal that offers comprehensive job solutions will be a good bet.  Look for the services offered, and the people behind the portal, it will help you decide better.