Terms of Service

Users are advised to read the terms of use carefully before using our services. It is assumed that you have read and understood the terms and conditions before accepting them and hence should adhere. The purpose of our Terms of Use is to create a safe online environment for everyone, free from unauthorized users and unintended motives. 
User Account
For one to be allowed access for our site use they will be required to register an account, a user will only be allowed to register one account. To register an account, one will provide accurate and complete information which will be kept confidential. will reserve the right to block a user’s account should it be deemed necessary, restrict access or give warnings in case the user is not adhering to our terms. will not take any responsibility for activities that take place in the users accounts. However, it will offer any support necessary should the users report insecurity cases on their accounts. You will not transfer any of your rights or obligations under this Statement to anyone else without our consent. 

Any information given to us by the users is personal and will not be used for commercial purposes. However, the information may be shared with other users who have signed up with us only if it will be essential for the purpose of the service being offered. For more details about privacy and confidentiality of information, refer to our Privacy Policy. wishes to notify our users that there are chances that information may be accessed by third parties especially when it is on transit over the internet. We try our best to ensure information is safely stored in our system. However, should it be accessed, we disclaim any liability.  
All registered users have an account whose login details should be kept safe by them. is not responsible for safeguarding the username and passwords of users’ accounts. Any unauthorized access to your account is not our liability. However, incase you sense unauthorized access to your account, you can notify support team for assistance. You will be able to change your login details at any time. 
Job Delivery
Freelancers will be required to deliver the job as per their agreement with the clients. If they make a hourlies agreement, the freelancer should deliver the completed job in the agreed hours. On the other hand, the client should make payments for every bit of job completed. The client can reject the job should they feel they are not satisfied. Late deliveries will be fined accordingly. Direct communications between the client and the freelancer will go though our system. This will enable us to keep track of what is happening and trace events in case an issue is raised. The client can give feedback on the job the freelancer has done for them. 
It is our responsibility to ensure that we give our clients the best quality. In this regard, we ensure that our team of freelancers is comprised of highly skilled and talented individuals. We require that freelancers give their best for any job assigned to them. Clients will approve the jobs to ensure that it is free from errors and that it meets their requirements before we pay the freelancers.
Freelancers will only be paid once the client has approved their work. The amount to be paid will be the price charged to customers less, fines or charges if any and a percentage that will go to The percentage will vary depending on nature of the job and may also change from time to time. Money will be sent direct to the bank account of freelancers or through any other payment methods they provide. Clients will be required to make deposits, which will be kept safe in account. In case they are not satisfied with the work, their money may be refunded. Any bonuses paid by the client to the freelancers will pass through account and then be forwarded to the freelancers account.  Important to note, is not and should not be deemed as an agent of client or freelancers. Therefore, we shall not be responsible for functionality or quality of work. However, our team is comprised of top talents and we do our best to ensure satisfaction to all our users. These terms may be changed from time to time. 
Cancellations and Refunds
Once the client places an order, they are require to pay a deposit that will be kept in our account until the job is completed and approved, after which the freelancer will be paid. However, a client can request for a refund of their money. They will be required to inform the freelancer of the cancellation/refund request through the message broadband. A percentage of the money will be deducted based on the time of cancellation to serve as inconvenience fee.
Once the cancellation request has been placed, the freelancer will stop working on the job immediately. The freelancer will agree with on what amount they will get for any work they had completed prior to cancellation. 
In case of a dispute, we highly recommend that the customer and the freelancer resolve the disagreement. However, our support team will intervene if the two are not able to settle the dispute. A dispute can be raised in the case where the customer is not satisfied with the job done or when the client does not take into consideration the requests of a freelancer. 
Refund policy
A client has the right to receive a refund if;

  1. He/she is not satisfied with the work done
  2. He/she decides to cancel the job before it’s completed. In this case, the terms under cancellation and refunds apply.
  3. They are unable to settle a dispute with the freelancer
  4. They reach a mutual agreement with the freelancer.

When a refund is requested, charges will be deducted accordingly based on inconveniences caused if any, and/or the work completed.
The client will be required to notify the support team in prior when they need a refund. Once support agrees to refund, the money will be sent to the clients’ account, less any charges/deductions if any.
Termination of agreement
Quality is our major objective. We strive to ensure that all our clients are satisfied. Therefore, it is our duty to ensure that all our freelancers are top talents and are competent to do the work designated to them. it is for this reason that we shall not hesitate to terminate our contract with any freelancer who we feel is not delivering threshold quality or is not adhering to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Similarly, we shall terminate our agreement with any client who does not adhere to our terms. holds the rights to investigate users for any violations of terms of use outlined herein. However, it is not our obligation to carry out these investigations. Anyone or any activities that do not adhere to our terms of use may be reported to the relevant authorities.

Page Terms

These guidelines apply to your use of My Soft Jobs Pages. Nothing in these Terms of Service shall prevent us from complying with the law.

Change of terms
These terms will be changed from time to time and anytime we feel that they are not valid or have become obsolete. Any amendment to or waiver of these terms must be made in writing and signed by us.
We will notify our users anytime we make such changes/Amendments.